Monday, March 03, 2008

Book Arts & Copyright

Good grief! Where does the time go? I am referring not only to my absence but to the time I have spent today reading about a subject with which I have a basic knowledge but about which I never had the desire to deeply research, and to be honest, I still do not, due to all the legalese. However, a posting on the Handmade Book Community Forum on the issue of copyright led me to a three-part posting on Lee Kottner’s blog, Spawn of Blogorrhea. The posts are rather long, so you will need to set aside a bit of time, but it will be time well spent.

After reading the posts, I just happened to look over at the sidebar and low and behold, there was a listing for this blog. How embarrassing. Five months have passed with no posting here. That lit my fire.

So, if you have ever wondered if you are stepping on any legal toes when you use work other than your own in your book creations, this is a good place to start:

Book Arts & Copyright, Part I: Reuse, Repurposing, or Just Plain Stealing?
Book Arts & Copyright, Part II: Finding Legit Sources
Book Arts & Copyright, Part III: Don't Be Evil

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Lee Kottner said...

Thanks so much for the plug and the kind words. Hope you found it all useful. I'm glad to see you're posting again.