Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mass Production Bookbinding

An industrial film, ca. 1961, showing the work of bookbinders and the final steps in the process of manufacturing printed books. From the "Americans at Work" series. Courtesy of The Prelinger Archives.

After experiencing the slow process of making a hardbound book (codex) by hand, I was fascinated by this film and how the various processes were mechanized. The collating of book signatures was my favorite. I could not help thinking what a mess it would be if one of those ladies lost her rhythm, and was reminded of the Lucille Ball candy factory episode.


Carol said...

I was fascinated too by this film, and like you wondered about the mess if someone got out of rhythm. I don't think it would be a job for me, too stressful. No wonder I like the slow process. I'm almost back to posting. I think I say that to everyone but I just have to make the leap.

~ginny said...

OMG!! What a find! I really enjhoyed seeing this film.